Water supplier Axaragua says supplies are guaranteed this summer, but adds that both municipal departments and local residents should be responsible and optimise resources.  Vice-president Gregorio Campos said last month that almost 100 litres per second is being drawn from the reservoir at Vélez-Málaga, adding that it had been about 50 days since any water had been transferred from the western part of the province of Málaga.

In the middle of July, the Axarquía reservoir was below 14 per cent of capacity, with only 23 cubic hectometres of water stored.  Sr Campos said that the water situation by the end the summer would be “complicated.”

He added that the 300 litres per second promised from wells in the River Chillar were still not flowing into the supply chain, a contribution which he said would be “notable.”  He called on regional administrations to help progress on the wells, and on Emasa to start contributing from the western reservoirs.

Sr Campos warned that if the current situation continues, with consumption of around 700 litres per second in summer, we could reach September with an almost dead reservoir and pronounced drought.

Meanwhile, Torrox wants to take control of the two water treatment plants in the municipality.  Mayor Óscar Medina accused the water company Axaragua of “disloyalty and a lack of co-operation” over the provision of treated waste water for irrigation.