Two major projects in Nerja which have been suspended for some time may now be moved forward.  A new health centre for the town and a major beach development have been the subject of meetings between Town Hall representatives and the regional and national governments.

It was in 2009 when Nerja offered to make land available for the construction of a new health centre, replacing the present building which is now over 50 years old.  However, after the town spent €500,000 on preparations at the 3,733 square metre site on the banks of the Chillar river, no further progress was made and the land has since been used for car parking.

Now, the mayor, José Albert Armijo, says that plans are finally underway for the town formally to cede the land to the regional health authority as the site for the new health centre.  He described the news as demonstrating the “will” of the new Partido Popular administration in Andalucía to build the new facility, “which the people of Nerja have been anticipating for ten years.”

In February 2017, an alternative site on the N-340 near the Supersol supermarket was reported to have been selected for the new health centre, but a year later, the Junta de Andalucía, then under control of the socialist PSOE party, announced funding would be delayed until 2019.

Meanwhile, after a meeting in Madrid last month, mayor José Albert Armijo says the development of El Playazo baech, on the town’s western edge, is likely to get underway again.

Central government now appears to be in favour of moving forward with plans to create 70,000 square metres of beach space and the creation of a paseo marítimo along its length.  The project remains pending until funds are made available in the General State Budget.