Farmers and growers in Málaga and Granada are threatening action this month if water available for irrigation continues to be restricted.  They are demanding action to end “once and for all” the scarcity of water resources caused by drought.

The reservoir at La Viñuela in the Axarquía was 29 per cent full in December, and was holding 48 cubic hectometres of water, compared with 75 cubic hectometres 12 months earlier.  This has forced the regional government to introduce a 25 per cent reduction in water available for irrigation, with farmers anticipating a further reduction to be introduced this month.

The Association of Tropical Fruit Growers has accused the Junta de Andalucía of  “total passivity and inability” to tackle the problem, claiming that is, “oblivious to the pressing needs of the sector.”  The group’s president, Javier Braun, says that climate change is already a reality in the Axarquía and claims that the regional government is not doing much to address the issue.