A new cream whisky made exclusively with the milk of Málaga goats has been launched on the drinks market. The product, named Amaltis, was launched commercially at a food fair in Málaga last month and 2,000 bottles have already been distributed.

The initiative originated at the Agricultural Development Park north of Vélez-Málaga where Gin Alborán has developed the cream whisky in conjunction with a businessman from nearby Casabermeja. Reports say that the drink has a very strong taste of goats milk and can be drunk cold with ice or mixed with hot coffee. Cream whisky is more usually made with cows’ milk.

Gin Alborán was formed four years ago and produced the first 100 per cent Málaga gin made in its distillery last year. It comes in four varieties – citrus, exotic, classic and strawberry – retailing at around €14 per bottle, and around 10,000 bottles have already been sold, 40 per cent of which went to the UK and Germany,

The new cream whisky is made entirely with goat’s milk from Casabermeja, although details of its production are a secret. The goats from which the milk comes belong to a breed which is unique to the province of Málaga, and of which there are around 300,000 animals producing 80 million litres of milk and some 300,000 kilos of meat a year.