Introducing the Costa Pop Choir
A fun group for anyone that loves to sing!


The Costa Pop Choir was created in February this year and has now grown to over 25 members. Founded by the immensely talented singer, songwriter and vocal coach Georgie Cullum. Her passion for singing, music and vocal care has led her to branch out and create the Costa’s first pop choir. Georgie is also offering several other music services including; song writing workshops, singing bootcamps for children and adults, toddler rhythm and rhyme time, plus one-to-one singing lessons and vocal coaching.
Each Monday the Pop Choir meets at Hotel Al-Andalus to sing. The choir aims to give excitement and musical spice to all generations, and to give an outlet and opportunity for people of all abilities and ages to sing. It’s also a great way to meet new people, relax and have some fun. Georgie is passionate about the choir;

“Singing makes you feel good in so many ways. But since not everyone wants to be in the spotlight, or has the confidence to sing alone, being part of a choir is the perfect way to let your voice out. Our pop choir is wonderfully social and a lot of fun! Come and see for yourself!”

About Georgie

Georgie Cullum is an international singer, songwriter and vocal coach. Published with the fantastic ‘Bluewater music’ publishing house in Nashville, Georgie boasts a large back catalogue of tracks that she has written, and co-written with many people such as Paul Eastham of Celtic rock band Coast, Martyn Ford composer and arranger, So – Pop, Spanish artist Laura Low and also Katherine Ellis, which their track ‘Take me over (I found love)’ was released with ‘Lickin records’. Georgie has performed with people such as ‘Boys Don’t Cry’; ‘ABC’; Roger Pope (Elton John) Jonathan Fashole – Luke (Alexandra Burke).

4 Benefits of Choral Singing


Research has shown that singing in a choir has tremendous benefits for both physical and mental well-being.

1. Reduce stress levels and anxiety.
2. Great for your social life.
3. Boosts your self-esteem and confidence.
4. Physical benefits include; boosting the amount of oxygen in the blood, increases energy levels, and works out a range of muscles in the upper body.

Find out more

The choir meets every Monday 8.30 – 10.15pm at Hotel Al-Andalus in Maro. For more information visit or their Facebook page

They welcome singers over 18 of all abilities. No audition required, just enthusiasm and a desire to sing well!

Hotel Al-Andalus