Healthcare in Spain is the best in Europe, according to the latest annual ranking compiled by finance analysts Bloomberg. In addition, it’s the third most efficient in the world, beaten only by Hong Kong and Singapore.

Bloomberg reviewed the national health services in 56 countries and placed the Bulgaria in last place, just below the USA and Azerbaijan. In Europe, Germany received the lowest ranking – 45th having fallen six places since last year – followed by Hungary in 42nd place.

Denmark sits at 41, beaten by Venezula and Iran, while Belgium at 38 ranks below Romania and Peru. The UK takes a large tumble of 14 places on last year’s ratings, placing it at 35, while Finland, Portugal and France fail to make it into the top 15, and Greece, Ireland, Switzerland and Norway are outside the top 10.

Bloomberg’s data reveal that Spain’s efficiency score of 69.3 out of 100 is by far the best on the continent of Europe and in the European Union. However, it is still a good way behind Singapore’s 85.6 and Hong Kong’s 87.3 efficiency rankings.

The study also shows that Spanish residents have the highest life expectancy in the EU, and Spain has some of the largest numbers of those aged over 100 years. The oldest resident is believed to be Magdalena Oliver Gabarró of Barcelona who was due to celebrate her 115th birthday on October 31.