Issue 199     April 2018

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April’s comment…

Welcome to the April edition of Soltalk, we hope you will enjoy it.

After all the many ‘special days’ in March, April has only one here in Nerja and that is Nerja Residents Day. Mind you it is a very important and well organised event so rightly deserves the month to itself! As per last year we at Soltalk will have a stand there, a chance to come and say hello to us if you’d like to. It’s a great family day out with entertainment on stage from 12 noon until 5pm and lots of stalls to visit manned by Nerja’s many varied clubs and associations. We hope to see you there! Nerja Residents Day will be on Sunday April 8 (unless it is raining in which case it will be postponed until the following Sunday April 15).

Speaking of rain, we have had plenty haven’t we? But as we all know it is much needed to fill the reservoirs so we cannot complain (much!). But is it just me or has this been the longest and coldest winter in the past 17 years here in Nerja? Hopefully in no time at all I will be sitting writing this complaining of being far to hot!

I read a news story this month about Birding. I thought the term was ornithology but what do I know? Apparently, the provincial government has launched a new website dedicated to ornithology in the province. As well as maps, walking trails and a monthly guide, the site lists 159 places of interest and observation points where visitors can see some of the 295 species which inhabit Málaga. The site, in Spanish, English, German and French, can be accessed at

However I did think it sounded familiar, according to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of Birding is:

“If you’re speaking to someone more than friends but less than seeing each other and no way near a couple. Usually you haven’t told each other how you feel or anything like that. Not exclusive although it could easily develop into it.”

You heard it here first!

And well done to the city of Málaga which has launched a scheme to train volunteers to manage colonies of stray cats. The project has been made possible thanks to a €30,000 grant from the municipal Environmental Sustainability department to the animal protection group AMAN which is already active in controlling the feral population.

The first training session last month was attended by municipal technicians from the department who explained how such groups of animals can be controlled. The methods outlined are intended to give maximum security to the cats as well as satisfying the requirements of human residents in the area. The volunteers were told that cats which make up feral groups usually come from a domestic situation but have ceased to be socialised with humans. In most cases they aren’t completely wild and are dependent on people, if only in scavenging from bins and restaurants.

So here is the April issue – with all our regular articles and news for you. We particularly like some of the Jottings pieces in this issue, very funny and all true! – see page 26. And why not have a go at our puzzles on page 54? Take your entries into the Cottage and the Coach & Horses for a chance to win a €20 meal voucher – simples! Enjoy!

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